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DGcal Printing - Europe

3000 series:

Monomeric white vinyl of 100 u with UV protection. For use in signage and communication applications with  digital and screen printing. Its version with blue adhesive improves its opacity or "Block out" effect.

Serie 3100:

Transparent monomeric  vinyl of 100 u with UV protection for use in signage and communication applications with digital printing when an image is required on a transparent surfaces. Useful for setting out prints on windows and glass structures where the images have to be seen from both sides.


Serie 7000

White vinyl monomer of 80 μ  intended for general use with digital printing.

Serie 2000 / 2100

White polymeric vinyl with UV protection, for a high performance in flat and slightly curved surfaces in indoor and outdoor applications.

Series 3000 / 3100

Serie 7000 y  Series 2000 / 2100

Popup Module

This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.

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